Friday, February 14, 2014

New pair set up

Here's the newest adventure:  a monotype and the stitching it suggests.  There will be a lot of split stitch, a bit of beading maybe, and who knows, goldwork may happen, too, you never know.

Monotype framed at 14 x 18, stitching probably 8 x 10, height precedes width as usual.

I transferred the main points of the design onto the linen using a fine Pilot pen, on the fabric, and a fat Sharpie on the transparent stuff I taped to the window behind the fabric, my usual version of a light box.  Works fine, too, against bright snowlight.  And we have plenty of snowlight at the moment.

Here I'm showing you the current selection of flosses and couching thread and beads.  I think more silver will happen than I show here, though.

Title, this time it has one, Flyover.  It's about the entrance to NYC when you suddenly come in on the bus and see crisscrossing highways many levels to see through, and the city back there. 

The energy level and implied movement and goal directedness is astounding every time you see it, and that's part of what I need to convey if possible in the stitching.  I think it does come over in the monotype. That's in black blockprint ink, additive style monotype, printed onto a sort of brownish paper forget what, it's been a while.


  1. this is going to be an interesting design to follow

  2. I see lots of blues in your thread selection so I already know I'm going to like this piece!


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