Thursday, February 27, 2014

Flyover has taken off

Flyover is complete, and I decided against adding beads, seemed enough going on in this piece. Now it's framed and on to the next adventure.  I had a bit of difficulty in stretching the linen on this piece, though I pressed it and pulled behind the support, but I think the hoop may have distorted it slightly.  The other linen pieces if I remember rightly, I did on stretchers.  Anyway, it's as good as I can get it, no point mourning.  And it works in feeling with the monotype it's paired with.

Off to study my stumpwork book now.  Fine stitching for a rising light level as the season turns.  But I also need to attend to what needs to be completed for the exhibit in April, coming right up at me.

I warped up the earthloom at the library, and put the cartoon behind it, and did a couple of really difficult establishing rows, but need to get in and do a lot more before it's really under way.  This is for the artist in residence gig.

The weaving design relates to two pieces in the exhibit, since I realized that one pair had a nice blocky large feeling which might work in weaving, too. So it will be a trio, film photography, charcoal drawing, weaving.  Title of this group: Four Sisters.  I also have a small ink and watercolor work on this subject, but that may or may not make it into the exhibit.  We'll see.  Four pieces for four sisters, hm.

And there are large stretcher bars in my future, from which I will probably make more looms so as to have more than one thing going at a time.  And I'll have to get into spinning,again, if I can remember how to do it, to produce more weaving material!

And there's a large weaving and music collaboration in my future too.  I think I have to write down my priorities in art before I get in a total blur!


  1. Whew - I'm exhausted just reading about all you have on the go!

  2. Excellent my friend. Don't overdo the "to-do" list.

  3. Love how this piece reflects the energetic movement. One question How do you collaborate weaving and music?

  4. Bill, my friend the pianist will improvise. I'll weave! it's more up to him to decide what sounds go with the developing weaving, I think. At least, since we haven't even sat down to talk about it yet, that's what I'm assuming. He's seen the loom with the previous saori weaving on it, and can see the warped up empty loom and cartoon when he works in that room with the program this week. So I hope he knows!

  5. Ah, I see...a bit like ballet perhaps.


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