Saturday, January 4, 2014

Upcycled bead bins take a bow

As promised, here's a picture of my drawer of beads, opened to show the bead bins at work.  As you see, they're just the little clear containers that tea lights come in, which now have a new life.  Waste not, want not.  And, since it's a shallow drawer, and is closed when I'm not selecting beads, no danger of dear little cats' playing kitty hockey with the contents.

Compared to some stashes, this is tiny, but for me it seems very impressive!

the little dish over to the left, Rosenthal china with sterling rim, remnant of my antique days, holds the current selection of beads for the butterfly project.  Some of them are the amber I mentioned earlier.  

My goldwork threads are in another place, well, honesty compels me to mention that they're all stuffed in plastic bags, very bad, any old how, awaiting organization. My current small work was resting on top of the beads,but I moved it for the picture.  Another handy way of putting it safely away.


  1. a good way to keep your beads and as you say safely away from your 4 legged friends.

  2. certaines perles ont vraiment l'air minuscules. tu trouves des aiguilles assez fines ?
    je te souhaite une bonne année 2014

  3. Great use for those destined-for-the-landfill holders! Alas, I don't burn any sort of real candles, so I guess I'll have to stick to my much more expensive watchmakers cases.


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