Monday, January 27, 2014

The Goldwork piece is starting to make embroidery sense

This goldwork piece is starting to make embroidery sense, now that it's under way.  I always feel better once the draft lines start to be  covered with thread, because the original sense I had of it becomes clear again.

Odd thing is that even if I don't particularly feel like stitching, once I pick up this piece I want to go on almost indefinitely.  And I found out a source for one of the threads I'm using, which had no name nor source on it, just a code number. I was beginning to panic as I get to the end of the supply I have.

It was in the guild stash, so I'm not complaining!  but I've ordered up my own supply now, and another color of the same thing, from Needle in a Haystack.  Nobody else yielded the item, so I guess Needle really do have hard to find threads, as they say.

Anyway, it's at the stage where you have to work different areas as you go, like painting, to keep the balance and that suggests the next thing to do, thread to use, color to employ, all that.  I have half a dozen shades of gold and shiny yellow.

I've talked before about synaesthesia, and just wanted to comment that the dark shiny yellow of the rayon floss you see in this design is the color and texture I see in my mind when I hear the name Elizabeth. Seems appropriate!  and oddly, the word gold doesn't summon up anything gold, more of a grainy texture in a hollow shape than anything.  

I just ran through a few color names, and find that some of them summon up the color, some don't but are about shape and texture and movement instead.  This isn't picturing it, or imagining it, nothing like that.  It's an actual image in the brain that comes up unbidden.  And it makes life a lot of fun.

Always interested to hear from blogistas with synaesthesia, so please let us know, if you'd like to.


  1. Interesting. I had never heard of synaesthesia so I guess I don't have it! There's no association between colours and names in my head.

  2. coming along a treat, I find hand sewing so relaxing and yes if I am struggling out will come a bit of hardanger and all is well again

  3. Your gold work stitching is looking pretty amazing. I've done one piece of gold work only so far. I actually hear quite a bit about synaesthesia as my daughter has it and associates many things and names with colours. It's interesting to hear her say Oh so and so has such an orange name or I see brown when I hear that. I work in the acquisitions dept at a university library and someone in the Fine Arts Dept requested the book Synesthesia and the Arts by Dani Cavallaro which I just ordered last week.


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