Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Butterfly is getting ready to flit

My beaded and stitched butterfly is developing nicely, and not much further to go.  I don't plan on filling all the fabric, because I want the lightness of open spaces, since a butterfly needs to look light, as if it could actually fly,  not weighed down under a lot of stuff.  It's also slightly angled, left to right, so that there's a suggestion of flight rather than of a specimen in a case.

This is a swallowtail -- we see tiger swallowtails and dusky swallowtails, around here, and this one is only slightly larger than the real thing.  But though I've stayed with the actual proportions and shapes, I've made my own choices about colors and the contents.  Plenty of sparkle, not seen in real life, but metaphorically butterflies bring sparkle to life in the summer.   

More pearls, this time oval ones, are planned for the hindwings, where you see the marks.  Also probably more amber for the body, but I may remove the tiny black beads, a bit visually heavy. I'll see.


  1. Love what you have done so far. Waiting to see what you do with the tiny black beads. cliff hanger!

  2. your butterfly is coming along beautifully, I expect it to fly away at any moment it us so realistic

  3. Certainly is nice this morning, after the frigid temps we've had over the past few days, to feast my eyes on a flutterby!!


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