Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Picture the artist in a state of wild surmise

So here's where I am, with the woven beads, one completed strip, one on the loom, this one being an experiment in doubling and tripling beads on each segment,  and in the background, the unfinished woven floss work that they're supposed to be part of when I figure it out.

Meanwhile, a friend stopped by yesterday and saw the strip, instantly put it on her wrist and said, oh, this is gorgeous, it's a bracelet, put a clasp on it! make more! and this sort of took me aback, since I'm still seeing it as part of the woven piece. But maybe I will change my approach a bit, and actually weave beads onto the tapestry, and set the extra bits aside for now.

And, to see her point, it really is a nice bracelet, fits nicely around the wrist, really accommodates the shape well.  Hm.  Just shows.

anyway, here's where I am:  would you like to weigh in, and say

whether you like this as freestanding jewelry (which I can make and sell, I guess)

or just forge on with  my original intent of beaded sections applied to a woven tapestry 

or maybe even start over completely and weave a complete bead tapestry 

or create an artwork with detachable parts which can be worn as pins or bracelets

this beading adventure goes with a photograph which I doubled and mounted together, of electrical junction  boxes on the street, at least I think that's what they are.

Anyway, let the crowd sourcing begin!

While I was waiting for photo uploading I went in search of the photographs, was unable to find them. In the frantic, cursing search I found the image transfers I'd made of them and of another cable junction box, and altogether a much better artwork, transferred onto very good paper, and definitely a better candidate for exhibiting.  

Also the third image on the sheet has a lot to do with trailing wires (translation: threads) much more interesting visually and I concluded this is one of those art things where a frustrated search turns out to be another door opening to a much better artwork.

Oh, and in the course of the search, crawling around the studio under my worktop to open portfolios stored down there,  I found another abstract drawing, great candidate for a goldwork piece.  I'd forgotten I'd done it, and seen now much later, I find I like it, good balance, interesting shapes, would lend itself to goldwork.  Or maybe beading..

Chance favors the prepared mind.  And the artist willing to paw through a lot of stuff on the floor.


  1. Pretty. I love the bracelet, but then I always love shades of purple. I think you can sell some and make different art works out of others. I'd buy the purple one - how much do you want for it?

  2. Pawing through stuff on the floor - sounds like fun! Since you asked...my vote would go to beaded sections on the woven tapestry. My reasoning (flawed at best) is simply that it would be unexpected and thus more interesting. Beading lends itself to jewelry and that's very nice...but....it's what the masses would do. Not sure I'm being clear, but I think you know what I mean!

  3. yes I think you should make to sell these bracelets but of course still use on your tapestry as well. Glad I am not the only one that cannot find photos when I go to load them up!Mind you that is not all I cannot find, seem to spend more time looking than doing

  4. Whatever you do will be great. I like the beads added to tapestry but the mercenary side of me says jewellery pieces..... go for what will sell, by gum!


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