Friday, January 10, 2014

Butterfly read to take off to new home

Here's the butterfly, ready to leave:

That was fun. Now I have to buckle down to other artwork ready for the April exhibit.  This involves finding what I already completed, finishing the presentation of some pieces, and um, creating others that I only have in mind right now.

It's unfortunate that I seem to have got sidetracked into learning beadweaving..but that's my inner contrarian at work.  Maybe if I pretend I really have to get on with beadweaving, I'll instantly go off and tackle the other work.


  1. pretty to look at on a dull winter day! Certainly know all about the sidetracked problem...happens to me, many times a day.

  2. such a delicate butterfly, it is beautiful

  3. Lovely piece and I see the black beads bit the dust.

  4. Yes, the amber, too. They just didn't work once in place. So they went away, and I used purl(that's goldwork thread in the form of a minute lengthy spring), looped and pulled into a sort of tousled effect, which I like a lot better. Lighter, more airy.

  5. I REALLY like that one. It's the beading more than the subject that moves me.


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