Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Seasonal stitching, ahoy!

With my ficus tree obligingly playing the part of Christmas tree, here's an ornament soon to be on its way to a nice family who always does a tree.  

Here you see two sides, with white on black stitching on black aida cloth, and gold thread whipped round the edge, and the other side is good old red felt with a beaded and goldworked simple star.  Something vaguely scientific about this star to my eye.  Anyway, I hope they'll like it.

And NOW I can get to my artwork which has been hanging fire.


  1. Oh! To my eye as well! A layer of atomic orbitals or some such... and - my Ficus lyrata serves as my holiday tree! a dozen ornaments, nothing too new to stimulate kitty curiosity. xo maj

  2. A new ornament is always a welcome addition - unless, of course, you're one of those people who insist on a matchy-poo tree and heaven forbid there be anything on it that didn't match their theme.

  3. I do like that both sides are stitched so if it swings around on the tree it will look beautiful which ever way it lands


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