Monday, December 9, 2013

Positively my final purse on this or any other stage

The pursorama is winding down, and my weary old digits need a rest cure before picking up fine stitching, otherwise I'll be snagging it at every turn.  This one I really like, and the recipient is local, so no trip to the PO this time.

This incorporates a goldwork and beaded butterfly you might have seen before, appliqued onto the front pocket,  Indian metallic peacock blue beads, yellow and gold whipstitch, and a knitted handle. 

Three pockets, and, right before I stop making purses I've finally managed to stitch an entire one without having to rip back when I realize there's a stitch right in the middle welding the pocket shut!  even though I had a little card slid inside to prevent this, oh well.

One of my correspondents suggested I sell these purses online...well, maybe not!  special requests, perhaps, but not an etsy shop.  I do have one more seasonal project to whip out, but then art will resume. At least that's my plan.  

But the Season of Purses has been a lot of fun.  And a lot of readers have suddenly decided that using old pockets this way is good for them to do, too, always a happy point.


Thank you so much for commenting! it means a lot to me to know you're out there and reading and enjoying.