Friday, December 20, 2013

Beading mojo gets going

I've been mulling over what beading to do next, and have rescued a stitched piece which I now realize would do very well with beads and sequins to give it more presence.  When I stitched this I wasn't doing beading, so it never got in there, but now I realize it's a natural.  Here's a detail of the beginning of the new piece. Beads and dyeing and stitching and painting are all happening together.

Oh, and I made a handy discovery after I finished up the candle display for my birthday dinner -- tea light containers make great bead bins! right size, easy to use without tipping beads out.  No lids, but no matter because I sit the containers in a plastic inch deep tray (was a box frame, now repurposed) in a shallow drawer and so far it's working fine, easy to find what I want without pawing through tiny plastic bags.


  1. I like the colours on this piece...nice and bright and cheerful and SO much better than the grey days at the moment. Hmm...if I were a candle burner sort of person I would be tempted to adopt your idea, instead of using the watchmakers cases. Your idea is a whole lot cheaper!

  2. yes the beads look wonderful on this piece.

  3. I'm really liking this one already. More, more!!!


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