Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Beading and couching go on

I've started adding in couching to this green and purple section. I love green in my surroundings, just look at my house,but in art I find it a difficult color to work with, tends to go all heavy and sort of sad (did you know that sad actually means heavy??? as in sad-iron, etc., where was I, my inner etymologist took over there for a minute). 

Anyway,I'm lightening up the green with couching in gold braid, using a medium green floss, two plies, to secure the gold. And there will be more couching,maybe more beads, I'll see how the couching looks before arriving at that decision.


  1. looking good but I disagree with green being sad, I love the shades and surround myself with a lot of green, mind you I do get very down sometimes so maybe I do have too much green

  2. Green is heavy, for me,in art,largely because it's an optical mix. I did say that I have a lot of it in my surroundings. Different concept, using color in art and living among it! my house, as I said, is full of green.

    But the challenge in art is that green pulls down its surrounding areas and you have to compensate for that.


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