Friday, November 1, 2013

The Beading Edge

I've been looking on getting back into beading as a marker of feeling better, just not up to bothering up to today.  

But now, with the added impetus of a wonderful gift from India of beads and other cool things, I've started beading that little needlecase I made as displacement activity when I was starting to get sick, though I didn't know it at the time.  I knew I made the needlecase, just didn't realize I was heading into not being well for a whole month, dangit.

Anyway, here's my beaded start, and I'm learning as I go. Very much a beginner on this, as you see.  I've started teaching myself to string consecutively, then anchor the beads on the thread, rather than stitching each one.  Mainly this design does lend itself, more than other beading I've been doing.  And beading on felt is very cool.  I'm using what I think is a size 8 needle, which I used to use in miniature needlepoint.  Nice small eye, fine needle, which can pick up almost all seed beads.

So here's Girija's sister's gold thread and several bead colors in action. Great fun, feeling as if I'm getting back. I'm going to ask G. to send the pix to her sister, who did the shopping in India specially and sent it to me via husband-mail.

There's going to be stitching around the beaded areas, for a nice finish, but I couldn't wait to show off my beaded start!


  1. Lookin' good! Just remember when you're beading to be sure to put in lots of knots to hold the beads in place should any of them get pulled off. I'm sure you know that already!

  2. This will be a gem when finished! The only question is whether you can stop at beads! Its wonderful therapy and a real "feel good" project!

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  4. good to read you are feeling back to normal and wanting to bead again, like what you are doing and can`t wait to see what else you do to make this lovely needle case

  5. Great start. I anticipate it being fab as always.


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