Friday, November 22, 2013

One thing leads to another

As in:  offer on Freecycle of a bag of red felt scraps, from a person who offers exactly what she promises, and who promised it to me. 

So I went off there today, finding that half the roads are being rebuilt between here and there before the winter, this being an area containing an entrance to the NJ Turnpike (main artery north south in the region, for people in other hemispheres) in the state which has more cars per square mile than any other state in the union.  Which makes us number one in one thing, anyway, aside from highest property taxes, where was I, so it was a mad scramble of police officers confusing everyone, and those orange barrel things that you can't tell which side of them to drive, and flashing blue lights,and totally lost out of state drivers thinking they've landed in some horror movie, and come to think of it, I didn't see any actual road work being done.

Anyway, home again, and I love the felt, instantly decide I must make something right away

 so I consulted my Sewing Green book, a nice work by Betz White, and on the way to thinking about trivets and placemats and coasters, I noticed a Tyvek bag.. Oh,oh. 

Calling for Tyvek envelopes which,you will remember, I happen to have, since I used some for stitching adventures a while back and have some left.

The work of a moment, the felt set aside, I banged some circles in metallic acrylic on four envelopes, inside out.  All have one copper side, one turquoise side, and I have to wait impatiently for the paint to dry before I can get onto the stitching part.

See her result:

Mine will be different (smaller envelopes, different approach to painting) but will basically be like this.  For containing stitching projects maybe. We'll see. Tyvek is pretty much indestructible, so strength won't be an issue.

And after THAT, I will use that felt.  Oh.  Maybe a felt bag...painted, stitched..we'll see.

This Green  book is fun to read, though some of the ideas are, well, perhaps I'm past the age when I could make a skirt out of a pillowcase and wear it with a straight face.  

But I did make an apron from a nice freecycled shirt, from her instructions, and that was fun, useful, too. I even embroidered ironic flowers on the pocket.

The trouble with irony is that you have to have a black arrow with "look, irony" pointing to it, at least in my world you do.  Not unlike a joke alert, I guess.  Irony alert. Maybe I should have stitched Ironic Flowers on the pocket, too.

Irony aside, this is a really nice book to own and browse through and get ideas from and get ideas that seem totally unrelated to what you were looking for originally, but that's how these books work.


  1. Oh how fickle we can be! I can start off the day planning to do one simple thing that absolutely MUST be done that day and end up in bed and night and realize that, through seemingly no fault of my own, I have entirely missed the boat. The red felt will still be there...tomorrow.

  2. that was a trip well worht taking, now you have some felt to work with. Seems cones are everywhere these days and as you say usually no sign of a workman!!

  3. Nice idea for a bag. Amusing picture in my mind of you in a pillowcase skirt. Can't say I'd be able to keep a straight face either. I might have to have a look for that book over here.


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