Thursday, October 3, 2013

Red Flower Finished.

I learned a lot in the course of this piece, which I can apply to future work.  Which I now have to decide many choices, so little time.  

The thing I like about this one is the shaggy, wild sort of effect.  I didn't want a solid block of stitching, because it seems to me that movement is important in this sort of otherwise-traditional concept, and I wanted the effect of a wild flower flying about in the wind, your wilder rose as opposed to the tame garden one.


Well that was the idea, anyway.


  1. Well achieved your objective.

  2. you have certainly succeeded in catching the life in this rose, beautifully done

  3. Oh, I like this style of stitching very much. Sometimes "perfect" stitches feel a bit cold and lifeless...this rose is full of life and movement. Lovely!!


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