Sunday, September 29, 2013

The red flower is developing

Here's the current state of the flower.  I'm using a single ply of embroidery floss in dark red, medium red, light orange and a variegated thread running from pink to dark red, also a fine gold thread.  Beads and french knots in the center for the heart of the flower.

This is really engrossing to stitch, exactly like drawing, and trying to follow the natural contours of the petals, and observing their rounded and curving shapes.  I will use different stitches on the leaves and stem, though.  The flower is long and short stitch, split stitch and some stem here and there.


  1. A single ply of embroidery floss? Oh my - now THAT's dedication to your craft!! Lovely.

  2. this will look spectacular when complete, lovely


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