Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Pairs Project goes on!

I found some promising drawings for transformation into needlework while I was looking out art to display at next week's Festival of the Arts, serendipitous finds, and picked one, which had great significance at the time I drew it in a journal.  

The page, trimmed out but keeping the wording as well as the flower drawing, is one of the pair,and I translated it across to a blocked out image on sage green linen for a bit more goldwork and other things, too.

Art is bustin' out all over, what with the stitchery exhibit I am taking part in and which I'll pic for the embroiderers' blog (and give a link in Art the Beautiful, if I like my results, so you can see what our entire group is up to), and the Festival, at which I'm seeing to the earth loom using plarn, and being a presence there with the embroiderers, as well as having a clothesline exhibit of art outside,along with other artists from our association,from tree to tree!  and there's a ceremony in the middle of it all, in the middle of which I have to be.

Meanwhile, back in a calmer space, here's the current pair.


  1. Sounds like you're not letting the grass grow under your feet (or at the very least, your creative fingers).

  2. your drawings are always so beautiful. All the best with the exhibition and fingers crossed the rain keeps off thye sun shines and loads of visitors

  3. wow, the drawing is beautiful, but it seems very difficult to stich. you are audacious to begin a so long work !


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