Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Embroiderers strut their stuff

The monthly general meeting of the embroiderers' guild was all about show and tell, with projects completed, projects under way and a lot of sharing about how they were done and why -- a lot of family history is involved in stitching.

The artworks covered two full tables -- and this was in addition to those which are already out in an exhibit, pix of that soon, and a number of us came away with new ideas for yet more projects.  Yeah!  I'm now all about adding to the goldwork and dyed silk with another refinement on that, which I'll get into and show you if any results happen to emerge!  for the source of my excitement, scroll down to the picture of Ginny holding an exquisitge painting/stitching of iris.

Some lovely works under glass didn't make it into this post, likewise a beautiful white on white monogram display, and the white Mountmellick piece you see above is off color in here, in my attempts to make it visible at all! the lighting was a bit indoorish!  but you get the gist.  It was wonderful.  What a talented group, if I may say so...

This may be the last time the embroiderers are covered in Art the Beautiful Metaphor, since I'm on the brink of creating a new blog just for the EGA chapter, and when it's open, I'll let you all know where to find it!  It will be largely pictures of us at work and play and us on our exhibits and trips. Watch this space!

Art the Beautiful will resume its usual headlong dash through my own work, though, so don't go away, folks, there's more in here, too.


  1. how good it is to see what others are doing, thanks for sharing these creations with us

  2. We have no such groups/guilds where I live, so it is wonderful to see what's going on elsewhere. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Great fun to embiggen the pictures to see more of the details, but there's only one problem - Deb's Needlework Studio is far too neat. Must have been tidied up for the photo shoot, because I simply can't imagine a stitcher being creative and not making a mess (but then again, maybe I'm in the minority?)


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