Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cherry Ripe! and the beads go on..

I was given some seed beads recently, perfect timing, that were exactly what I needed for the cherry motifs in this piece, so I had a lot of fun, with the assistance of two cats, transferring these minute glass items from a pop-open container (label says open with care, well, yeah) into a little bag, for easier pickup with my needle. Once again I found some of them with my bare feet on the wood floor.

Anyway, the fruiting of the tree is under way, and I love the way beads literally add weight to the piece.  Liking this a lot, and I'll be sorry when it's done.


  1. Beads are a perfect addition - definitely looks like a cherry tree being blown gently in the fall wind.

  2. the beads have worked so so well, wish my cherry tree had produced so much fruit, very few cherries this year and the birds got to them before me!

  3. Gorgeous-er and gorgeous-er with each step.


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