Saturday, June 8, 2013


Two Finished Objects, and now I've had it -- I have to search for the next stitchery to be done.  Probably goldwork, since there's a whole world of things to learn there.

The two pieces here are part of an exhibit to happen in April 2014, and they're each part of a series.  The white cityscape is part of a series of three pieces, one a weaving, one an Ipod generated image, and this, of a cityscape in different moods.  There's a fourth one that might go with this, too, yet to decide that. It's a transfer image from a painting I did on a bag.

The white piece has gold in it, and iridescence, and blues, and the open areas with no stitching but shape are the work of Helen H., another embroiderer who gave away stash items recently in the course of moving house.  I didn't want to erase her work, so I removed the stitching only and left the shapes in place there in the middle of the work.  So it's a collaborative piece.
The background you see right behind the canvas is a piece of sequined fabric, which glints like city lights, I like this quite a bit.
The other is the Cello Player, embroidered, with metallic threads, floss, perle, and beads. An exciting adventure in color for me, Mrs Monochrome!!   and it goes with the ink and wash drawing of the same subject.



  1. two exceptional pieces which I am sure will get lots of attention at the exhibition, you are well in advance with these two pieces finished and plenty of time to do more eye catching creations.

  2. I love both of those but I especially love the colours of the Cello Player.


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