Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another pair heaves into view..

I'm moving on to the next in the group of media approaches, this time a watercolor painting of mine, (next in plan for next year's exhibit) which I've adapted into an embroidery design, drawing the main ideas onto stretched linen.  

This is tacked all around onto artist stretchers, and is exactly the right size for dear little kitties to jump onto and settle down for a nap, sending tacks off in all directions and punching little holes in the fabric with their razor sharp little claws...

Cats flying across the room, the tacks replaced, the holes healed by gently scratching across with my fingernail, linen being very forgiving, here's the resulting design.

I'm going to use a lot of metallic threads in this one, I think, because of the relation with all the reds in the painting, shot from the side, sorry about distortion, since it's framed and I was avoiding glare. 

And I I'm thinking about some cutwork, but not positive.  And there will be some silk dye spritzed on before I stitch, I think.  All this is whirling in the blender that is my brain at work.  If stitching blogistas would like to make suggestions, here's your chance!

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  1. This is going to be beautiful, working with metallic threads will not be much fun but I am sure the results will be worth the aggro they cause.


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