Thursday, May 30, 2013

Works finished and in progress

First a shoutout for a wonderful completed sampler, by Evie, seen here at an embroiderers' meeting.  She designed and executed this marvelous piece of fine cross stitch

over the last few months, and you really have to see it in person to appreciate the quality of the work.

Then, my own work is progressing. 
Some of the decision making is starting to show up, since the other version of this is an ink and wash drawing, and here I have to simplify the lines and block out areas much more, to allow for the embroidery to work.  It's slow motion decision making, compared to the lightning swift execution you can do when you draw, which gives me plenty of time to  think and plan, often a good thing.


maryann johnston, CMP said...

Two gorgeous pieces and so gorgeously different! Thank you for sharing these. Once again, simply itching to get to the floss. I appreciate the first very much; love how it takes on tradition and leaps off with humor and skill. But my heart twitched seeing your design; I love the immediacy of gesture you've captured/recaptured in your stitches. Color, delish. Thank you, Liz! xo MaryAnn

margaret said...

your project is progressing and looking good, the cross stitch piece is striking, one technique that I do not do as when I tried it I got cross eyed with then charts and cross with doing it so gave up and said no not for me.

Minimiss said...

Stunning work - yours and Evie's.