Monday, May 6, 2013

The Embroiderers Take a Field Trip

The embroiderers' monthly meeting roved out.  We started at the home of a member, founder member, to be exact, in the process of selling her home and anxious to share some great excitement and milling about in the basement, a treasure cave of projects and materials, and a nice little drawn threadwork project came home with me.

Then we processed up the street to another friend, a retired OB in fact, last time I saw him I had just given birth, it's been a while, who is an excellent needlepoint worker and art collector, with his wife.  They've been in Bangladesh, working in a clinic where women came, got checkups, their children got routine shots, and the mothers sat and stitched beautiful works some of which you see here. 

It's a group project -- one person stitches all the eyes, another all the birds, and the work is so fine, using old saris.

The pillow with familiar aboriginal designs is the work of an Australian needleworker, a gift to this family via a student staying with them.  The Klimt pillow is the work of one of our members, ready to be shipped off to her daughter before her wedding

And the Escher is a sample of the needlepoint done by our host.

One decision we finalized at the meeting was for me to open and set up a blog dedicated to the activities of our guild,

so watch this space over the summer for more info on how to see it and follow our adventures in stitching.  We're thinking a September launch.  But now's the time to tell us what you might like to see in that blog!  Pictures of projects? our exhibits? meetings in progress?  all suggestions will be read and considered!


  1. Oh, please fill it with all of the above! I love this post and the beautiful work you've shot. Lovely, lovely, and makes me itch to use needle and floss :O)

  2. Sounds like you had a very interesting sojourn into the wilds! As for what might be interesting on the new blog - anything and everything stitch related catches my fancy.

  3. a good day out I can see some lovely pieces of work. You ask whaat e would like to see on the blog well like Magpie says anything stitch related.

  4. All beautiful stitchery. I love the naivety of the Indian-style work and also nice to see something inspired by down-under.


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