Monday, April 8, 2013

Biscornu! the word of the day.

French speaking friends, what is the origin of this word?  we know it means sort of lopsided or something like that -- it's created square then twisted to change the shape, but where does the word come from? my researches have not yielded anything.  It sounds like bis meaning twice, and cornu meaning something to do with horns? but I'd like to know more.  Or anything, really.

Yesterday's Embroiderers' Guild meeting featured just such a biscornu, in honor of our own chapter, specially custom designed by Ginny H., longtime member and great stitcher (also quilter, but that's another post).  She designed, made the prototype, wrote great instructions, put together kits complete in every way, and we had a great time yesterday.  That's Ginny, in the blue shirt, demonstrating how you turn the finished biscornu to construct it.

One bonus of the day for me:  the lady in yellow, candid shots show her in typical vivacious mode, is Penny A., whom I knew in what is really an earlier life.  We touched base, and proceeded to do 35 years of catchup and reminiscence!  great stuff.  I had asked about her recently, of a mutual friend in art, and said I hadn't seen her around lately.  Whereupon friend tells me she moved 16 years ago.  That would explain it, I guess.  See what happens when you turn your back for five minutes...

So here's a cascade of the Great Us, in full swing, and the biscornu posing nicely.


  1. just the sort of oddball word i love to encounter! "that which has an irregular form, with projections" or "complicated and bizarre" - of course YOU knew this but a joy to me to discover. thank you!

  2. whoops, that was me! MaryAnn of California

  3. I love biscornu. Have made a couple myself. Something structured but different.

  4. looks like you had a great time catching up, very nice biscornu, love making them in hardanger

  5. Wonderful biscornu (and sorry I can't help with any history of the word).

  6. the anonymous person gives a perfect definition for this word. I love such word which the form is like their meaning. the word "biscornu" has an irregular form too ^^


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