Friday, April 12, 2013

Biscornu continues

The biscornu is progressing, and I've changed quite a bit of the original suggested design, as I worked. The empty corner boxes will probably contain my initials and the year I stitched this, as a stab at trying to record my work better. The centers of the bigger boxes are yet to be determined. I like very much the colorway we were presented with, and this is great fun to stitch peacefully, counting and observing and generally staying inside the box, unusual for me, but nice now and then.



I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my goldwork book, so that I can get into some serious thinking and designing there. I already have some beautiful linen ready for use -- Belgian linen which is currently a blouse, from the thrift store still with original tags on it, but though it's my size it's for some quite differently shaped person, so it will be used for embroidery. And I picked up another couple of linen items at the thrift store, one in a soft beige, one a lovely gentle green, and both will either be nice to wear -- one a skirt, one pants, both way too large but could be altered -- or provide a lot of great linen support for the goldwork. We'll see. I think what with the scraps of linen I already have and the white blouse, I'll be supplied for some time, the embroidery I'm thinking of being very slow work.

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  1. biscornu is looking good, like the idea of intiials and date in one corner, I usually put them in the centre on the bottom but your idea much better./


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