Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Eggs 2013

Longtime blogistas will remember that every year I blow and decorate eggs to give as gifts to people who've been special since the last time I did it. Handsome Son always gets one to add to his collection, and my lovely cleaning family get one each, and this year a couple of other people will be included just because they're not just anyone!  then if I have visitors I usually invite them to pick one to take home.

This is not really about religion, more about celebrating the season and, this year, hurrying it on a bit.

So here's the series:  eggs, empty, contents in the bowl to be made into omelettes and scrambles

In progress in the studio, acrylic metallic paint used to sponge on, gold then turquise then aqua then gold again.

And the finished eggs for the year

Here they're in their crowd, with older eggs, the Boehm bunny, Limoges eggs and a Wedgwood miniature cup and saucer holding eggs from my dear late cockatiel.  No need to blow such tiny eggs, since the contents dry up without help.


  1. The eggs are simply beautiful! Lucky recipients.

  2. These are really cool what a pretty tradition.

  3. beautiful eggs, you must have been puffed out after all that blowing.
    I would have thought it not an easy thing to do so easy for the egg to crack?

  4. the blowing is a skill rather than an effort. It's all in the embouchure! and it's actually very difficult to break an empty eggshell if you grasp it in your fist. The trickiest part is piercing the holes top and bottom. I used a carpet needle this year, worked very well.

  5. I was just thinking today of commenting that I was looking forward to seeing this year's Easter egg creations, et voila! here they are. Beautiful. I love that green.


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