Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ruffles and Flourishes

That's the trumpet fanfare that goes before Hail to the Chief and various other ceremonial appearances.

Elton thought it was a good idea today, as we unveiled the Needlepointed Thing!  and the Dollivers are campaigning to have it as a rug in their clubhouse.  But I think, though it was originally designed as a pillow top, it will most probably be the side of a fancy totebag.  I'm thinking of weaving the other side on my teeny potholder loom, using more of the same yarn.

This was a huge undertaking in terms of the hours spent.  Yesterday I did little else but the basketweave border while I  listened to Boomerang, my current book club selection, on CD. Multiply that out by the rest of the piece, and it comes to I dunamany hours. Nice day. 

The project was a new adventure for me:  following someone else's instructions to the letter, well, almost, except for choosing the colors.  It was meant to be a different sort of brain exercise, totally the opposite of my usual approach where I create all the stuff that goes on.  It was meditative and irritating and all kinds of things, like the time I took a workshop in botanical illustration, again, the opposite of my usual approach.  That was similarly meditative, agonizingly slow, six hours on one flowerhead, but in the end I was glad I did it.  Like climbing a long slow mountain!

The up side of it is that you really improve your skills, here stitching skills, good tension, evenness, all that. And that I now can go back to my freeform piece with a clear mind and better stitching skills.


  1. Hi Liz! It's great to see your work as always and especially (as always) to hear about the process, and your process, and you processing the process. Yesterday I had a conversation that touched on something like, that is, the full-on creative energy vs following another sort of structure. This was IRT writing and academic writing. Good for me to separate knowing and intuition from learning! sometimes.

  2. Lvely work...and leaving you feeling quite virtuous, no doubt!

  3. Lovely needlework - far too good as a rug for the D's.

  4. very nice, like you I find following instructions a daunting task so usually do my own thing,.

  5. Sometimes doing something mindless is good for us...makes us appreciate our own creativity more when we get back to it. Nice needlepointed 'thing', no matter what it ends up becoming.


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