Friday, January 25, 2013

Artist's Book of Monotype Prints

I unearthed a group of original prints, all of which have been exhibited with some success, then came home with me to rest in a portfolio under the worktop in the studio.  Creating a book of them seems like a good way of being able to see and study them again, and share with friends who are beginning to show an interest in the emerging collection.

This group is all monotypes, that is single impression prints.  And this is where I can't resist leaping onto my soapbox to remind everyone that a print is an original artwork.  When you make reproductions of your work, those are reproductions.  They're not prints!  even giclees are really reproductions, not prints, no matter what lovely support they're printed out on...  Okay, climbing down again now...
Night Cafe, cover
Abstraction, rocks
Fear Figures

In the Conservatory

Second Fear Figures
Woman posing
Woods, Night
Wild Birds.
Here I made five signatures of two prints each, buttonhole stitched each signature, with a different shade of gold, orange and yellow, a sunny range of colors, then tied top and bottom of the ends together in a knot at each end, then twined the ends around the stitching until they finished up in another knot.  This may be the finished product, not sure if I need to create covers for this collection, but we'll see. Right now I like opening it with Night Cafe.


Minimiss said...

I'm loving all three of your books. I can't decide which I like best. All great art. Thanks for sharing all your lovely work with us.

Isabelle said...

I like especially "in the conservatory", "flowers", "woods night" and wild birds.