Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Dollivers conduct an art workshop

This afternoon was a private session of drawing from nature, and the Dollivers were all over it, complete with special Art Hats.

Packing all the equipment for the art safari

And meeting FB, one of the adult students

After many drawings in a number of media, ready for home

But not before admiring six year old KBs charcoal drawing.

This was a wonderful afternoon partly of reminding, partly of teaching, a family about the approaches to drawing in general, drawing in nature particularly.  We spent the first part of the session indoors working on using a viewfinder, holding the pencil for drawing rather than writing, learning to start seeing.  Then we moved out and worked from nature (or from the house exterior steps, preferred by the six year old artist).  Everyone used charcoal, various pencils including carpenters', and graphite sticks, and papers ranging from very good to scratch,   And learned the use of the kneaded eraser, and why you work on a  vertical surface when you draw.  And why standing to draw is better than sitting.  And how it's fine to saw off pencils to suit your own hand, and cut up the drawing paper for your own purposes, and break the charcoal stick to suit yourself.

All in all, a good time was had by all.


  1. j'aime beaucoup faire des ateliers avec des enfants. chaque année, nous avons un évènement appelé "Faites de la science". Pendant deux jours, nous recevons les enfants des écoles et nous leur proposons de petits ateliers pour les initiers aux sciences. J'adore ces journées

  2. Why is standing better than sitting?

  3. Good question: two reasons, one is that you have to set up your drawing board so that you look at it straight, not at a slant, which distorts your image, and two, that drawing involves the whole upper body, and you need your whole arm and shoulder free to move in order to work best. that's why artists use easels.


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