Friday, November 2, 2012

More work on pairs, Sandy notwithstanding.

The new normal in NJ is a different life from a few days ago.  I  blogged about it here

Meanwhile back in the studio, I'm pushing ahead with my pairs series.  This is very interesting and very labor intensive, since it involves either learning or relearning various different skills in media. Here I'm trying to revive my carving skills, to create the bird on branch motif that I stitched earlier, black thread on white lawn, and showed you a while back. 

My first carving was on lino, and since the block was really too old and dry for good carving, that was good for the round file, so I went on to a softer material someone gave me ages ago to try.  This carves much more easily, so the carver can't blame the block.  I pulled a couple of test prints, and see a lot of things to attend to.  Carving in different blocks is so different, and carving itself is so different from all the other media I work in, counterintuitive for me, really, but so worth doing.  I need to do more.

After I've prepared the drawing workshop I'm teaching in a couple of weeks' time.   And started the pretty intensive needlework prep for the workshop in the winter, which might end up happening in January, depending on weather.  And not done anything yet about the other February workshop, the artist book making and illustrating one, which can just wait till I get to it.

Aside from that, not much happening...I guess.


margaret said...

you are over the worst of the horrendous weather now, glld all is well with you, there will be so much rebuilding and clearing up to do,I feel for those poor people who were badly effected
Your cutting looks so pretty, will be good to see it stitched

Tatiana L.Sougakova said...

Is that a new technique? Hope you have electric power to keep you and your cat warm.