Monday, October 29, 2012

Stitching stays for no weather!

Blogistas who are unaware of my location -- I'm in central NJ right in the path of the hurricane which is going to meet up with a nor'easter about over my head this evening, winds and heavy rain already here -- I've been getting on with using daylight for stitching and weaving, two lots of stitching, two weavings. 

This is in case we lose power and I can't see well enough in the evening to do it.  It's also to just have a fairly normal day despite the nervewracking news.  I'm tuned to a classical music station which has promised to keep breaking away to anything vitally important for us to know, but meanwhile Dvorak and I will see this through, with the help of Mozart and various other guys.

So, here's where I am!  works in progress all around me.
This is being worked on the potholder loom, still on the loom till I secure the backing and then organize the boundaries as I take it off the loom. The cityscape theme is one I like a lot, and this will be one of the paired pieces, as soon as I decide what other medium to render it in.

And here's that little fish, a bit ahead of where you last saw her. She will come to rest in that open area, appliqued on using those wild strands, which will disappear into the back of the piece. I think the main stitch in the water and sand background is Oriental, which is lovely once you get it going, and amazingly easy to slip a gear on and have to take out a whole column of it when you realize you were one tiny mesh over from where you shoulda been.
The pillow goes on apace, and that great big blocky stitch you see at the outside is what Jane S. calls a mystery stitch, since she had seen it in a completed piece, but not in any book of stitches. Not my fave of the stitches in this project, though some of them are lovely to work, such as the scotch stitch and the longarm cross stitch.
Here's that tiny embroidery I showed you a while back, the Cluny unicorn tapestry, and at its left an image transfer of the same thing, just to confuse the issue. I like this pairing very much. Ancient and modern meet.

Meanwhile, two floors up, the floss tapestry goes on, too, and it's turning out okay. This, with the image behind it, will be another pairing, except that the real image is a photo assemblage I made. So, send up good wishes for people at the eastern shore, whose situation is worse than ours, though a few leftover wishes wouldn't go amiss when the winds get here!


libbyquilter said...

thinking of you and all in the path of this tremendous storm.
may you stay safe and dry.

love seeing the various weaving in this post.


margaret said...

you are certainly being very productive at the moment.

I feel for you all waiting for the hurricane, you must feel so helpless, I pray all will be well

Minimiss said...

Excellent. Love them all.

Sandy said...

I hope you are safe with no damage that matters. I'm thinking of you. Mike has everything ready for puppy class. Thanks for commenting.

Boud said...

Thank you, everyone. Your concernand good wishes were very helpful during a scary time.

Just a note to longtime blogistas: the Mike in Sandy's (that's a person, not a hurricane here)is not HS, but Sandy's lovely little puppy, all fluffy and eager and energetic.