Thursday, October 18, 2012

New loom weaves clean...

I was engrossed in the new small tapestry I'm making, fine warp, and embroidery floss weft (embroidery meets weaving) and decided I needed a small loom for finer tapestry work that I have in mind. And it would involve sitting down to weave, a nice thought, according to my neck and shoulders.  And that though I could make one -- I have a range of them, in cardboard, stretchers, retooled wood frames and so on-- it would be nice to have a predesigned one. 

So I sent away for this dear little potholder loom -- Harrisville, old family company in New England, loom made in metal, very well finished with no snags, and made in the USA, all great points in its favor. 
It arrived with the speed of light, and turned out to include not only the loom, but a hook thing and a fat crochet hook, and  a bunch of loop things for making potholders.

So, though, no, I haven't been away to Girl Scout camp recently, I figured I really ought to use up the loops anyway, to get the feel of the little loom, and see how I liked the general dimensions.  Turns out I like them a lot, and since the potholder (ages 6 and up, so if you go far enough up, you get to me) has hooks on all four sides, that gives me other ideas, too,about tapestry weaving and design.  So that's in the queue for my attention very soon.  My inner little kid is all excited about this.

Possibility has arisen for an exhibit locally, via various friends having a word with one another, and I think the small tapestries might work into that very well, along with bigger ones already made.  As they say, it's all go!

So currently, there's this tapestry in progress

in the studio on a bigger loom, several items of needlework in the living room, the potholder loom reigning there, too, and in a couple of days' time a little guy is bringing his parents to visit, haven't seen them in ages, to learn how to make paper. So I had to organize some paper artworks in the living room so they can see what you might just do once you get the hang of it.  More pictures of that in action, with any luck.

And with time out for helping my honorary granddaughter with her college app. marathon, today has been pretty full, and it's only lunchtime now...


SpinningDownUnder said...

I love my potholder loom, its very simple and you can do amazing things with it without having to buy the loopers. I'm a fan of mini looms and the continuous warp methods and it fits in well. I use a lot of sari silk on them, particularly the ribbon yarn where you get the long length of the one colour before it changes.Yarn controlled patterns, lol!
The new tapestry looks interesting, is it going to be textural like the last one? Time I dusted on of mine off, you make me feel guilty for neglecting it!

libbyquilter said...

reading this post reminded me of having gotten one of these small looms for my daughter when whe was a young girl. i still have and use the potholders that she made with it. in fact, they are my favorites. i don't think that they will ever wear out and i'm very happy about that~!
i don't know what ever happened to that loom and i think it was plastic rather than metal.
it hadn't ever occured to me to get one for my own art purposes but now i'm certain that i can't live without one~!~lol


Isabelle said...

J'aime bien les carrés tissés avec de la grosse laine. On doit pouvoir faire plein de choses avec ça.
ton nouveau tissage est prometteur. j'ai hâte de voir la suite

margaret said...

I am loath to admit I have never done any weaving apart from one on a metal frame we made whilst doing C & G course, this we wrapped rather than weaved.

You are very experienced I can tell have looked further back in your blog and am now one of your merry followers.

Would not be good if we all did the same, I need the needle in my hand but can still appreciate other work and wish I had the skill to do it.

Boud said...

Margaret, thanks so much for joining us! I agree, there's art for all tastes, and one concept I've always adhered to is that art is for everyone, not just for a few special snowflakes!

Boud said...

And thank you everyone for your continuing comments with support and new ideas and suggestions. Always welcome and appreciated.

Minimiss said...

It really is all go. Your distribution of projects would fit right in at my house. Mine are scattered around depending on what they are. Very pretty pot holders too.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I found this rather intriguing - have hankered after putzing around with a loom but haven't the space. This little tool just might put salve on the itch.