Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blackwork revealed!

About to get to the mail with this one, a little gift. 

This is the blackwork you saw earlier at different stages. It's a book cover (the book stays here, she has her own copy), and it's backed with fusible web, then finished with buttonhole stitch all round, to secure the edges when it's handled.  Click to see better.

I learned a lot from working this, the challenges of blackwork itself, and how to adapt the stitches to my own design needs, and fnishing, and so on.  I think it's pretty nice, and I hope the recipient agrees!  there's a major subtext to the choice of blackwork, relating to the period when it flourished in England, and that I'll narrate to the recipient in a note I'll include.


Anonymous said...

Lucky recipient! This is lovely indeed. My eyes and head hurt thinking of the actual doing of it, appreciating it all the more.

xo maj

Minimiss said...

Oh wow! It is quite stunning. Complexity and simplicity all at once. You're a clever clogs.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Definitely a lucky recipient! You've done a beautiful job on this and I know it will be treasured.