Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Deer noses and summer workshop fun

My current stitching is a design I created, on a lawn handkerchief, for use with black mercerized thread, small crewel needle, using a rubber stamp I carved.  I stamped lightly with archival ink, onto the handkerchief, setting up the motif in a rough circle, not intended to be geometrically accurate, and the motif is, well what do you guess?  It's the inside architecture of a deer's nose that I mentioned earlier.

This is a great chance for me not only to explore further my design, using other art approaches, and to do some cutwork. The circles in the design are to be cut out, so this whole thing is a learning experience. I like linking different art approaches, here carving and stamping and stitching,  so that the art is fluid, not all boxed into its own little separate compartments like those typesetter's drawers for their type.

Speaking of learning opportunities, too, yesterday I taught a free community workshop in my local library's huge summer program, as the kickoff of the art presentations.  We made an Xbook, a book created from one sheet of paper, and since the participants ranged from three up, with assisting moms in tow, and a wonderful team of teen volunteers to help demo, it was amazing what we all accomplished in less than an hour.  Some kids didn't want to leave, including one lady who steadfastly kept on making her books and writing in them even while cleanup was in full swing!

I was a founder of this big summer program, now attracting hundreds of participants from our little town, to all the events.  Some of the art will be used to publicize the Fall Festival of the Arts, a big indoor and outdoor event with visual art, crafts, music, poetry, performances, make it and take it art opportunities, great fun, and I am happy to say I helped found this, too!  it's wonderful to see how it all grows and moves on year to year.
For some photojournalism of the event (!), go here

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