Thursday, May 17, 2012

EveryDay Matters May 17 plein air

I've decided that it would be good to do more plein air work, mainly to overcome my sense of being overwhelmed by stimuli out of doors, and learn to focus better. So I took my own advice this morning, wonderful weather, warm enough to be out, cool enough to work.

Just as cats are the best studio companions indoors, birds are the best companions in art out of doors. Nesting time means they're too busy to be worried about humans, and they zoomed about around me, two pairs of catbirds busy making a nest, swallows tearing about overhead and under the bridge I cross to get to this location, all kinds of birdsong all around.

I took pictures of the two paintings in the context in which I'd painted them,

so you can see what I was looking at in the course of painting each one, then a pic of each so you can see it a bit better.

EveryDay Matters, the concept and the group, have become such a part of the fabric of my art life. I fervently wish I could remember who introduced me to the group so as to send thanks. If you're reading here, please speak up!


Jane said...

Lovely, peaceful pictures, which capture the wonderful place you were sitting in. How lovely to imagine not only this beautiful peaceful greenery but the birds whizzing busily about their business too!

raena said...

I too get easily overwhelmed in landscapes. People don't bother me at all...but put me in that time of setting and I hardly know where to start! I love edm too. It has really helped me to stick with art this normally I get frustrated with the lack of progress and then quick for a year or so! Wonderful job on the landscapes!

Timaree said...

It's nice to see what inspired the painting. I don't paint much outdoors but probably should try to do it more. It sounds like it was beautiful out with all the birds around you. Your pictures are very light and peaceful.

Isabelle said...

I would love to find a fabric with a design that looks like your second painting

Dan Kent said...

Is there anything better than en plein air? Like Raena, I love doing people, but lately, I've been quite interested in outdoor scenes - it's an infatuation, really. (Of course, I tend to sit in the car in the air conditioning). You have definitely captured a sense of place!