Sunday, May 13, 2012

EDM May 13, a new art game

It being Mother's Day in the US and other countries, I figured that it was my day, I could just play and mess about, make here goes nothing type of drawings and paintings, and made a series of four narrows.

This was fun, in that I just did them in any old order, messing about with colors and shapes and whatever occurred to itself to do next. Then, when I set them up to take a picture, I realized that this is a new game: make the narrows, then arrange them in whatever order seems to give a narrative. I didn't make them in the order I photographed them. Who knows how this came about? it may simply indicate that I have a predictability that I'd rather not have, but it may also be a game that's fun to do, so you might want to take a shot at it. No need to be an "arteest" to do this,just do it for fun!

Today's series ended up being: sharp foreground, flowers, and things, then middle ground, then house roofs, then far distance. Not planned. Just sort of happened. Not in that order.

I was taking the picture on the deck when my next door neighbor came by to wish me the day, and he, a non-artist who often says he wants to learn, said, oh, I get it, art is about just enjoying stuff, and you do, you always do! that's what I need to do.

Now, artists know there's a lot more to it, including the need to make art no matter what, and the work of developing a few skills, but overall, yes, you need to do what you want to anyway! So there you are -- unplanned learning, on both our parts!

The neighbor from the other side came and joined us for a discussion of herbs, and left with a fistful of spearmint, very happy.

Handsome Son visited this morning, so all in all, great Mother's Day!


dogonart said...

Yes, it should be fun/enjoyment. But, don't forget courage. Glad you had a happy M day.

Minimiss said...

Lovely mother's Day pictures. They look fab together.