Monday, May 14, 2012

Bananascape with pears, paintbox and impedimenta

I broke up another Arches hotpress sheet, which gave me eight new supports for drawing and painting, so the bananas and pears seemed like good candidates. I drew them before adding the color, hence the paintbox and brushes and other stuff in the drawing.

It's hard to slow down my eye to draw bananas, because the instinct is to rush from stem to stern, that perfect curve, but I did my best anyway.

I love my Asian store. I bought the pears there this morning,and the Chinese clerk, no English available to her, using gestures, insisted I not buy two of them on which she'd seen tiny bruises. No, she would dump them, I should go back and try again! I did,and this time she allowed me to buy my choices.


Minimiss said...

Looks good enough to eat - the fruit that is.

Timaree said...

What an interesting combo, the fruit and the paints. It's a fun picture. Your chinese store sounds like a charm!