Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Asparagus is in at the farm

I picked up my first week's share at the farm, and as a celebration of the opening of the season, they made the shares strawberries and asparagus, spring and summer together. I wonder if there's anything better than a newly picked bunch of asparagus, tender and when steamed then dressed with lemon butter sauce, food good enough for artists!

The drawing doesn't do much justice, but since this is not about perfecting but about sharing, I'll put it up anyway!


annie1931 said...

We had asparagus for supper tonight, too - not as youthful as it might have been, but delicious nevertheless. I fear it was from one of your States, or even Mexico, but I pretended not to notice.

Jane said...

So glad you shared this - lovely picture, and with associations of such delicious loveliness to eat too!

afk said...

ohh the description of the asparagus makes my mouth water.Before I left holland I ate many as possible even though it was the beginning of the season :P its great food for artists!!!

I really like the fine lines and the colour combination for the tips :)

Mary Walker Designs said...

I saw these for the first time at the farm market this week. Before I had only seen them from a can, they are quite lovely.