Tuesday, April 10, 2012

EveryDay Matters April 10, kitchen stove

Cooking today, so I moved my drawing kit into the kitchen to record what was up on the stove. I used Arches HotPress with Pilot Pen and a sponge brush in plain water to create the wash effect.

Up in the studio, I'm in the midst of creating a big traveling journal, for the use of the artists in my local group. I'm making it with hard boards (painted on muslin and mounted on foamcore, very sturdy but light) and in accordion style, so that once it's done the rounds of the artists it can be exhibited opened out fully. And considering there are 18 signups, this book will open out to close on eighteen feet wide plus covers....we're measuring the gallery wall in order to determine how we can be sure and show this gigantor book eventually.

Pictures later of this adventure. At the moment the parts are resting under various heavy weights -- my little printmaking press, my shredder, my pasta maker, neither used in the kitchen, various hunks of plaster faces, containers of printmaking ink, whatever comes to hand. Which pretty much sums up my art philosophy, come to think of it!


  1. This is a perfect example of a drawing that looks like it's happy and dancing. I love it.

  2. Nice page and wonderful way of multitasking! I don't like to multitask...but if I must, having one of the tasks be drawing would definitely make it palatable!

  3. I really do like your art philosophy!!

  4. Great sketch, it looks as if something is bubbling away in the pan!

  5. Great sketch, and wonderful way to multi-task! nancy


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