Friday, April 13, 2012

EDMApril13, Portrait of the Artist, They Do It with Mirrors

Responding to a couple of little tweaks yesterday from M and M (!) I set up a mirror arrangement, and did a self portrait for today's drawing. As you probably know, you don't do a self portrait by looking into one mirror, since that way all you're getting is a mirror image. You have to set up more mirrors so that you get the mirror image of the mirror image, if you follow me, that way you're getting a true,or truer image of your face.

The bigger drawing shows the arrangement of receding mirrors so that you see the front view of my face and top of body, and part of the back view as I did the drawing.

Then I made a detail for them as likes to see up closer.

Long time since I did any self portraits. You often notice that they're very intent looking, very serious,and that's because the artist is studying the face and designing the drawing, no time to grin!


dianesowo said...

How nice to see your lovely face. I have enjoyed catching up on all of your art work. I especially liked the cherry blossoms and the living room, but I have enjoyed all of them. They convey a precision and a warmth simultaneously...not always easy to bring off.

Jane said...

You know, I really didn't know that about having to use two mirrors, and I am really glad you pointed that out, thanks. Love the self portrait.