Saturday, April 7, 2012

EDM April7 Breakfast, and embroidery

The labyrinth piece is stitched, now needs to be stretched on a wider-than-high backing, and I think maybe, maybe, this is the last piece for the fiberarts exhibit in June. I hope so, because I'm about to plunge into building the artist's traveling journal next, ready for my group to start circulating and working in.
One thing I found about stitching the labyrinth itself and the convolutions I drew into the brains was that as you make those swoops and turns, you experience the same shift of consciousness as when doing a fullsize labyrinth walk. Great peaceful experience, and I recommend it even if you don't stitch usually. Just trace a classic labyrinth pattern, and do running stitch or something that doesn't distract you from the design as you go, and see if you get a similar experience. Running your finger around it doesn't really do it. This morning, lazy Saturday morning breakfast, cat Duncan tucked under my elbow while I drew my breakfast dishes after I finished my coffee and egg with wholegrain homemade bread, great small breakfast.
I used school chalk for the white highlights, and crayon for the colors, and a graphite stick for a bit of added emphasis on the shapes. I am learning to get the hang of this surface, and will try the rough side next. For the fine pen, though, the smooth side is required.

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