Friday, April 6, 2012

EDM April 6 white violets

Out walking today, I saw banks of white violets at the edge of a little strip of woodland, no scent, but lovely shape. So it seemed like a good time to add a little bit of color to the drawing for the day. Mulberry paper, waterleaf, no sizing, is not for watercolor, so this is very purist drawing, with just a bit of crayon or chalk added for emphasis. I really love the shape of these pages, and the laid texture of the paper
A closeup of the same drawing
Two pix I took, which gave me the feeling of wanting to draw them as usual by selecting only a few parts to draw. I brought home one violet to study for its architecture and she obligingly modeled for me.


Minimiss said...


Sue said...

lovely can smell them from here

Isabelle said...

with the spring, my father's garden is full of small violets, purple and white. I love this flower.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Such pretty little flowers - both the 'real' ones and the ones in your drawing.