Tuesday, April 24, 2012

EDM April 24 many faces

I have to credit another blogger, sorry, I really forgot where I read your post, but if you come in here, please bob up and get the credit due you for pointing me to a very good artist demo'ing the 20 second face, very loose application, and great fun.

I had to try this this morning, and you see the resulting crowd! I did go back in with touches of ink, couldn't resist, but this was great fun, to balance the color, find different facial expressions with minimal changes, all this done with my trusty one inch sponge brush.

The only thing is, comic relief constantly bursting in on me, I couldn't help thinking of the old joke about how long is the ninety-second Psalm. Answer: a minute and a half....sorry! I did refrain from painting twenty two faces here, though you will see.

And here's a closeup, detail of the same image if you're interesting in seeing in closer. It's done with Caran d'ache, what else, on Arches Hotpress, what else...

Click to enlarge.

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