Saturday, April 21, 2012

EDM April 21 Workbox in usual state of organization

I have a series of character dolls I created (knitted and stitched), the Dollivers, whose adventures are chronicled on my other blog, Field and Fen, and the workbox is where I keep all kinds of scraps of fabric and tools ready when an idea for another set of outfits strikes. They have definite personalities, and are always ready to seize on any event as a reason for a new outfit, so I need an array of bits always in the box ready to go.

This is the current state of affairs!


Minimiss said...

I just love all of your art. The wild allysum, Duncan and Marigold, garden plants and eveything else that inspires you. I wish I could do what you do.

Dan Kent said...

Nice drawing! I am suspicious of anyone who is too organized - so you pass the test. :)

nanke's stuff said...

Perfectly inviting for when the spirit moves you! nancy