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Saturday, April 14, 2012

EDM April 14, on location at Sayen Gardens

This is a lovely public garden, once a private home and garden and now open to everyone to enjoy the paths and blossoms and bridges and ponds, very small total area but large in what you can see and enjoy. A lot of people have wedding receptions here in summer, for the great photo opps.
I rarely work out of doors, too much stimulation, can't settle down,but I thought I'd give it a try today, and here's what resulted. We're between seasons, daffodils just fading, azaleas coming in, trees leafing out,but still plenty of sunshine coming through before the upper story fills in with leaves. True to my "whatever's there" plan, I didn't particularly pick and choose a view, just found a bench and set out my kit, then painted what was opposite me.


Minimiss said...

Very cute (grin).

Isabelle said...

It's very nice. I would love having your talent to paint or draw

Dan Kent said...

I like this! It has a kind of circular flow to it, so that you are being brought into the scene again and again. Lively, interesting and exciting!

nanke's stuff said...

I really like the looseness of this - something I struggle with. nancy