Thursday, March 15, 2012

More embroidered adventures

This is a silk piece you saw a little earlier, full view and a detail. It's now stretched to 20 x 16. It's part of a piece of designed silk fabric, on which I embroidered and took the design in some different directions, without departing far from the color range of the original.

I used some traditional stitching, and adapted some for my own purposes, why are you not surprised at this...anyway, if you look at the top right of the detail, you'll see a kind of wandering feather stitch I used to simulate the crackle glaze on antique Japanese pottery, just a reference.

The metallic threads and the shiny rayon thread are references to the use of silk and precious metal in embroidering Japanese formal artworks.


  1. Lovely work Liz. Had overlooked checking this blog so have now had a great time going back through your entries. Love it all and love the way you share your method of working on these pieces of art. Particularly like the Homefront art, especially the faces.

  2. It's seems beautiful, but I would like to see the embroidery more closely to see stitchs in more detail. But the fabric is gorgeous

  3. Fabulous as always. Do I often say that? Because I should.


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