Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Long ago, in a different life, I was a miniature furniture maker and specialized in miniature needlepoint rugs, which I designed and sold, and various other forms of needlepoint, pillows, picturees, firescreens, all the serious miniature collector could ask for! for a couple of years I had a miniature needlework club, with a new design shipped every month together with a one page newsletter, chatty stuff about the garden, various forms of needlework, how to rescue good work from auctions, and so on. Such a long time ago!

Today, since I had to fill the space left by the departure of HP's book collection to the local library, in his memory, I brought out miniatures and other small pieces, including a few netsukes, Limoges porcelain pieces, little silly animals, all kinds of tiny stuff that had to be packed away for lack of space and time to attend to them.

Now they're baaaack! at least on display. I'm not making minis these days, as you probably observed.

Anyway, if you would like to take a look, go here

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