Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The green piece done!

This is a piece of cotton fabric I hand dyed, drew and painted into and stitched into. It's about 18 x 30 approx, had to cut a special board to mount it, so it's not a standard size.

The stitching and the drawing follow each other, with each echoing the other around the design. Not intended to be trompe l'oeil, but to be a commentary on each by the other.

It's planned as one of the June exhibit pieces, so we'll see what comments you have to make here, seeing a picture, and what reactions it gets in rl, when people see the piece itself, complete with texture. It might be titled Greenpeace!

I've often thought that seeing a picture of a piece then seeing the actual artwork is like seeing a photograph of a person and then meeting the person -- quite different experience.

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