Friday, March 30, 2012

embroidery and EDM for today

Following on my new policy of not looking for special "drawing" subjects, just picking up my gear wherever I happen to be, I did this quick line and wash drawing of the coffee table complete with usual clutter.

The new Pilot pens are very nicely water soluble, and I used Caran d'Ache watercolor crayons (little puddle of water in the top of the metal tin lid, brushed color off the crayon into the water, using my trusty one inch sponge brush, makes just enough for a small area of wash, without saturating the surface, which is not really a watercolor-ready paper).

And I'm in the midst of a three part piece of embroidery on the concept of the labyrinth. Here, not finished, since trapunto (stuffing from the back)is yet to be done, is the center piece, the labyrinth, on white satin, in blue metallic thread, chain stitch.

The choice of fabric is a reference to church vestments, as is the metallic thread, because the labyrinth, though nondenominational in itself, has become part of a number of denominations' physical buildings. But there's more to the concept, at least my take on it, which I will get to right after I finish painting Easter eggs...


  1. Like your drawing and colourwash and nice to see what tools you used. Have tried to get to the centre of the I have to wait for the finishing touch?

  2. Nice pic and I'll be intersted to see your labyrinth when finished. Having never tried trapunto, please show the back (as well as the front) so that I can see what it looks like (if you don't mind) as don't think I've ever seen it in a book.

  3. I like that little wash of colour. Great sketch!

  4. I am thoroughly enjoying seeing your drawings - I feel like I'm getting to know where you live. Interesting take on a labyrinth. Oddly enough I just today got an old book out of the library on the subject of trapunto.

  5. Great little sketch and the 'trapunto' is going to be lovely.

  6. Lovely sketch! I've been looking for some water soluble pens..I'm going to look at the pilots!


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