Saturday, March 31, 2012

EDM March 31 while embroidery marches on

Today's drawing, Pilot Pen, and Caran d'Ache crayon, sponge brush, usual old book, I'm definitely going for a different shape in my next one, when this one's filled. In fact I'm planning on making my own book for the next adventure, more about that later.

Here is the last flowering of the begonia plant, with a neighboring Boston fern leaning into the picture frame, to give me some nice negative space. Like my animals, most of my plants are rescues, too -- the fern from the dumpster, the begonia from a dying parent plant, just snatched the leaves in time to start them in water then in a pot.

And the embroidery is progressing, too. Here, specially for Minimiss, is the back of the trapunto section of the labyrinth.

You see the muslin, and the tiny holes here and there which were slits into which I stuffed some very fine cotton stuffing, very silky stuff, remembering that this entire motif, the labyrinth section, is only about three inches square, so you have to use very friendly stuffing for it to actually travel nicely down the narrow channels.

At this point, the dividers within the labyrinth are in place, and it's walkable with your fingers, if you remember when you go in and turn right, to step over the little blue rocks at that point. Not possible to leave it open as in real life, because of the trapunto.

Then here's the rest of the design. The heads will not be using trapunto, more likely couching. The whole design, finished and stretched will probably be about 8 x 15, not more. I had drawn the heads on paper, and had to use a lightbox to transfer the image to the satin. Lightbox sounds very grand, in fact this involved taping the paper and the satin over it, many adjustments to get them all in the right places, onto the patio window, then drawing directly on the satin.

And the meaning of the piece, screamingly clear to the artist, might not be to the viewer, but I'll have to figure out a title that illuminates it a bit, possibly. Unless blogistas, you'd like to chance your arm at explicating it? that would be a huge help.

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Minimiss said...

Thank you for indulging me. You have the same brand of light box as I do. How about Mind Games or Labyrinths of the Mind.