Wednesday, March 28, 2012

EDM and Pilot Pens revisited

I've drawn with a lot of kinds of pencils, hard soft, carpenters', graphite stick, charcoal, crowquill pen and my homemade walnut ink, reed pens, and I alway seem to come back to my favorite fine point Pilot Pen. Which apparently had gone waterproof, to my annoyance, since I liked it for a quick ink and wash effect. If it won't run, it won't wash, if you follow me.

Anyway, today I managed to find a card of pens at Staples, after much assistance from a baffled clerk, who assured me that these were waterproof, that all the pens were, etc, and since manufacturers have a habit of improving things to where they're useless, I figured, okay, but I'll work around it, since I like the movement and the glide and the fineness of the line, very sensitive effects.

And went ahead at home and drew my worktable, in the middle of a new embroidery on satin, with a bag of thread next to it. You'll eventually see this embroidered work when it's completed, barely begun yet. And set about a bit of wash here and there. And found that it does, too, run. Which is a good thing in a way, but it did create a certain amount of mud here, sigh. I guess you should be careful what you wish for! all in all, though, the plusses outweight the mud!

Here's a pic of the drawing

and a pic

of the actual setup, so you can see the editing I put in for the drawing, for the sake of balance and openness. I was at a slightly different position for the photo, and I did push up the embroidery in the drawing, mainly for effect, not sure if this was good, but oh well.

did you know the difference between a drawing and a sketch? a drawing is a work in itself, for no purpose other than to make it. A sketch is a preparatory work, to be worked into with other media. I made sketches of the current embroidery before transferring my image in running stitches to the fabric, ready to stitch. You can sketch out the blocks of a painting before going in to paint. Just an interesting and quite useless little point. I bet Eileen, the Chair of the Clatterford Guild, could make an entire public lecture out of this, complete with visuals, come to think of it..

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